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Memoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock

 By Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, Margareta Klopstock, Jakob Mummssen, Elizabeth Smith


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By Friedrich Gottlieb
Klopstock, Margareta
Klopstock, Jakob
Mummssen, Elizabeth
Compiled by Elizabeth
Published 1809
Printed by R. Cruttwell
236 pages
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized Mar 2, 2005
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Memoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock
by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, Margareta Klopstock, Elizabeth Smith - 1808 - 236 pages
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Places mentioned in this book

Soroe - Page 157
YouR thoughtlessness could not have played me a worse trick than to send to Soroe the letter in which I hoped for cerlain information respe&ing your ...
Hamburg - Page 46
Hutwalker, a senator of Hamburg. The author, who was very intimate with Klopstock and his writings, has tried to trace the different stages of the ...
more pages: 20 21 23 32 36 38 43 47 163 165
Copenhagen - Page 21
After his first meeting with this lady, Klopstock continued his, journey to Copenhagen, where he lived in the enjoyment of tranquillity and leisure, ...
more pages: 20 22 104 160 165 195 198
Hanover - Page 69
and that he had already, as became so worthy a man, taken some trouble in Hanover to promote my fortune by procuring me an employment. ...
more pages: 73 86
Berlin - Page 26
printed at Berlin in the year 1805, are the following remarks on the chara&er and the poetical talents of Klopstock. ...
more pages: 78
Canterbury - Page 95
I. must think it is another Young; how could the King make him only bishop, and Bishop of Bristol, while the place of Canterbury is vacant! ...
Vienna - Page 50
Hungary to Vienna, or to have their estates forfeited to the conqueror. May GOD have mercy on us in this part of the world; and may you, and all that ...
Paris - Page 20
Paris, where he resided as Danish Ambassador, and he immediately resolved to take the author under his patronage. By Count Bernstorff Klopstock was ...
more pages: 42
Magdeburg - Page 194
by the universal esteem with which he Was regarded at Magdeburg, where he was the head of a schoolwhich his diligence soon increased from the number ...
London - Page 19
go away at eight thi, evening, when we heard that my Father's attorney was come from London, that the money was provided, and the execution stopped. ...
more pages: 188
Edinburgh - Page 199
The dear woman stayed only a &w minutes, and is gone to Edinburgh, where she will see our belpved K.--. I nave blotted niy paper, but you swill excuse ...
more pages: 198
Rome - Page 59
youth I never could hear the name of Tasso without reverence; and to see Michael Angelo's pi&ure of the Last Judgment, I would travel alone to Rome. ...
Portsmouth - Page 51
Portsmouth. May you live in happiness, and enjoy all the blessings derived £rom religious principles and good intentions.—The last winter has deprived ...
Brunswick - Page 20
friends at Brunswick; and at Hamburg he first saw ¿ It appears however that his friends thought him idle; for in a letter to Cramer, dated May 6, ...
Zurich - Page 62
Gartner probably will not pass by Zurich to Geneva. He is separated from the Count, with whom¿be was to have travelled. He is a liberal-minded man, ...
more pages: 19
Lisbon - Page 125
me in the ruins of Lisbon? For hadst thou died, thou hadst been here.—¿- ¿—Hear then my. story, for thou knowest it not. Ye found not my body; ...
Warrington - Page 10
5Account of the death of Liewellyn, from Warrington'¿. History of Wales, page 509. “tewellyn proceeded to the cantrew of Builit, near tb. ...
Plymouth - Page 157
she had from the first considered as inevitable. On the 9th ofJuly, Capt S—.- and his youngest son ¿entsosne hourawith mcin their way to Plymouth,.
Pinan - Page 77
¿wered Pinan, ‘‘tis the land of departed spirits. I see the dim forms of our fathers, sailing in their grey robes of mist across the mountains. ...
Flushing - Page 188
to Flushing in Cornwall; unless she should'be yen much better than I own 1 expea, and in that l¿sé I would recommend your going to the Madèbu ¿ ...